Graffiti Removers

Graffiti Removers Michigan - Taginator, Tagaway - Power Cleaning Systems Novi MI - taginatorgroupTaginator

Taginator, the world’s best graffiti remover, is a professional industrial strength graffiti removal product that will remove multi-layered graffiti off unpainted masonry surfaces like brick, cinder block and other concrete surfaces. 1. Spray TAGINATOR® GRAFFITI REMOVER onto graffiti using TAGSPRAYER™. 2. Let TAGINATOR® GRAFFITI REMOVER soak into masonry for 5-20 minutes. 3. High pressure rinse away.
TAGINATOR® GRAFFITI REMOVER was used by the City of Detroit in the year-long effort to clean up the city for Super Bowl XL and the MLB All-Star game. Taginator was also used to clean the exterior of the Original Ford Assembly plant building (Designated Historical Site) on Piquette Street in downtown Detroit. The City of Detroit tested almost 30 different products before deciding on Taginator as their preferred product. Taginator is currently being used by numerous Municipalities, DPWs, Schools and businesses.
Taginator® Graffiti Remover Works on:
Slate, Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Block, Stucco, Stone, Wood

Graffiti Removers Michigan - Taginator, Tagaway - Power Cleaning Systems Novi MI - tagawaygroupTagaway

Tagaway, the world’s best graffiti remover, is a very user-friendly biodegradable liquid graffiti removal product for smooth and painted surfaces that are typically used in 32oz. trigger spray bottles. 1. Spray TAGAWAY® GRAFFITI REMOVER onto the graffiti. 2. Let TAGAWAY® GRAFFITI REMOVER soak 10-15 seconds. Soak time will vary depending on type of graffiti and the surface it is in on. 2. Wipe away graffiti with towel.
Tagaway® Graffiti Removers Works on:
Washrooms, Trucks and Cars, Street Signs, Painted Surfaces, Street Boxes, Smooth Surfaces, Garage Doors, School Lockers