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Power Cleaning Systems, Inc. offers application-specific cleaning detergents, acids, and cleaners that do a remarkable job in cleaning up the toughest jobs. Our cleaning solutions are designed for use through pressure cleaning equipment and have water softeners and scale inhibitors to power through tough jobs, yet are biodegradable and environmentally safe.


  • Heavy Duty Truck/Equipment Wash
  • Degreaser
  • Hot or Cold Water Wash
  • Excellent Diesel Smoke Remover
  • Can be Used in a Two Step Wash Process
  • Not Recommended for Non–Protected Aluminum Washing


  • Our Best Cold Water Vehicle Wash
  • Great Brushless Car/Truck Wash
  • Excellent Vinyl /Aluminum Siding Wash
  • Slight Wax Content
  • Citrus Fragrance


  • Triple strength concentration of Sabre Acid
  • Non- Hydrofluoric aluminum cleaner
  • Buffered, significantly less hazardous than Straight Hydrochloric
  • Removes rust stains, cleans stainless steel


  • Non-HF aluminum brightener
  • Removes rust stains
  • Buffered, safer than straight HCL
  • Can be used in 2- step truck wash systems

PCS-192 – All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser (Best Seller)

  • All purpose cleaner, degreaser (50:1 Concentration)
  • Hot or cold application
  • Non- emulsifying, high foaming soap
  • Contains rust inhibitors and removes mildew with brushing

USES: Pre-paint cleaner (semi-no rinse), vinyl/aluminum siding cleaner, engine cleaning, excellent for use in automatic floor scrubbers.