Custom Pressure Washer Solutions

With over 20 years of technical expertise and experience, plus long-standing manufacturer partnerships, Power Cleaning Systems is the premier provider of custom-built pressure washers for a variety of industries. We design and engineer each unit in-house from the ground up to specifically meet your applications demands, and only utilize the industry’s most reliable components. When a standard power washer won’t cut it for your job, we can build a custom solution that works for you!

Start Building Your Custom Pressure Washer

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A Clean, Custom Solution For Your Application

When it comes to choosing the right pressure washer for your application, several factors require consideration such as the material being cleaned (wood, plastic, concrete, etc.), area size, debris type (grease, oil, dirt, etc.), cleaning frequency and more. If our standard units don’t meet the demands of your application, a custom-built pressure washer from Power Cleaning Systems will deliver the advantage of purposeful design tailored to your job. Every detail including water pressure, volume, temperature, motor, and unit configuration is customized for you. Contact us today to get started on your custom build!

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