Trailer Pressure Washers

There are applications where standard pressure washers just don’t provide the flexible mobility that’s needed. For jobs that require the freedom to move the unit easily, where water is not readily available, or in cases where you need to take your business on-to-go, a trailer-mounted pressure washer is an excellent solution. Power Cleaning Systems partners with industry-leading manufacturers to provide commercial-grade trailer-mounted units, or can custom build trailer power washers in a wide array of configurations, using field-proven components. Our team builds each unit in-house, working with you directly to deliver a final product that is tailored to your specifications.

Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer Options

  • Hot Water/Cold Water
  • Enclosed/Open
  • Single Axel Systems
  • Dual Axel Systems
  • Gas Powered
  • Water Tanks

On Site & On The Go Pressure Washing

You know that time is money. A trailer-mounted pressure washer offers the efficiency and mobility you need to tackle large or off-site jobs like cleaning an entire truck fleet, parking lots, buildings, or equipment on the job site while staying on time and on budget. Furthermore, Power Cleaning Systems can customize your trailer unit to fit your needs, including hose length, water temperature, tank size, axle type, accessory organization, and more. This leaves no time wasted getting set up or moving from job to job, and thus maximized profit for you.

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