Pressure Washer Detergents & Cleaning Supplies

Not all pressure washer detergents are created equal. If you aren’t using a detergent, or notice yours doesn’t seem to be getting the job done, we can help you choose a better fit for your pressure washer and cleaning application. Power Cleaning Systems offers an extensive selection of pressure washer detergents and cleaning supplies that are specially formulated for both hot water and cold water pressure washers. Every detergent in our inventory meets environmental regulations for safe use, storage and disposal without compromising effectiveness.

In Stock Power Washer Detergents, Soaps & Cleaners

Whether you’re cleaning road grime and diesel residue from commercial trucks, grease and oil from the floor of a manufacturing facility, or paint from your building property, Power Cleaning Systems can match you with the appropriate detergent, soap, or cleaner for the job.


  • NMD 80
  • HD Sabre
  • One-Restore
  • Glory Truck Wash


  • Masonry Surface
  • Smooth Surface


  • TR-451 Truck Wash

Many of the pressure washer detergents, soaps and cleaners in our inventory also include special additives like rust and corrosion inhibitors designed to extend the life of your equipment, as well as deliver a more effective cleaning result by fighting hard water and soap build-up. Ask us about your options!

Bulk Detergent Options – Convenient & Cost-Effective

For applications where very frequent power washing is performed, Power Cleaning Systems offers convenient bulk detergent options that can save you both time and money. We’ll work with you to determine a resupply schedule that meets your specific needs, ensuring your facility is routinely stocked, so you never have to worry about running out. We can even plumb your onsite detergent container directly to your pressure washer to help prevent accidental spillage and thus minimize any waste.

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